Traditions are always nice, but sometimes it is nice to “spruce things up” a bit during the holidays! For us here at Belle, it is of utmost importance that we weave old traditions into the new ones.

For one of our employees- one of her most fond memories of Thanksgiving and Christmas while she was growing up, was the smell of hot apple cider permeating the air throughout the entire house. The smell was so strong, that on occasion it was what woke her and her brother up on holiday mornings!

Fast forward to today, when the popularity of deconstructed dishes, and “build your own” bloody mary bars has exploded overnight, and it occurred to us: what could be better than combining several wonderful things?

The smell of the fresh hot apple cider, the popular “build your own” aspect, AND Belle vodka? YES, PLEASE!!!

Enter: the build your own spiked apple cider bar!

You can make your spiked cider bar whatever the food you want. This one for example makes the cider into the “dessert course”, by adding chocolate, marshmallows, caramels, graham crackers and more as the “toppings”. But since these are just drinks, you can always live by the saying “life is short, eat dessert first!”



But the spiked cider bar isn’t just for holiday parties or family gatherings!

Here at Belle we also love enjoying the outdoors. Why not have friends over for a bonfire, and set up an adorable build your own cider bar outside? Your friends will love it, and will be super impressed!

Some may ask: if not dessert, what kind of toppings would you put on a build your own cider bar? That’s easy! Fruit, cinnamon sticks, dried fruit, caramel syrup, whipped cream, star anise, cloves! The options are endless!

Just don’t forget to “spike” the cider for your 21+ guests with Belle!!! And send us your festive photos!