Sunday is here again, so what’s on your agenda for the day? Cleaning the house? Doing load after load of laundry? Wallowing away in your Sunday blues as you think about heading back to work on Monday? Watching football? Okay, this one is actually fun, but you get the point. Sundays are typically a day people save to take care of all the chores and “honey-dos” they need to complete before starting the grind all over again. While it is nice having a day to take care of these and other not-so-fun activities, we at Belle Vodka believe that being spontaneous and adding a little adventure to your Sundays can do your mind and soul some good. Whether you want to stay in or head outdoors, we have some tips for turning a drab and boring Sunday into Sunday Funday!

How To Transform Your Sunday Into Sunday Funday  

Make House Cleaning Fun

For those of you who are truly dedicated to your Sunday cleaning and laundry ritual, there are still ways to make doing these chores fun. First, you’ll want to create a cleaning playlist that you know will keep you moving, motivated, and dancing while you clean. Every house cleaning playlist needs a good mix of classic hits from the 80s. Why? Because all good 80s movies have at least one cleaning montage where the characters use whatever cleaning supplies they are using as a microphone, guitar, or drumsticks to belt out a song while they clean. Second, make a house-cleaning vodka cocktail by combining a splash of Belle Vodka, Red Bull, and ice. A little vodka makes cleaning anything a lot more fun.

Host an Impromptu Vodka Mixer  

Gather your friends for an impromptu vodka mixer. All you need is some tasty snacks, a bottle of Belle Vodka, ice, garnish ingredients like limes and lemons, and have your friends each bring a different type of mixer. It’s the perfect way to get together with your friends in the comfort of your home, rather than going out to a bar or pub.

Go on a Picnic

Rather than staying stuck indoors, take advantage of the day and get outdoors. A picnic in the park or in an open space area is a wonderful way to get some fresh air, relax, and rejuvenate before starting the work week. Pack a lunch or some light snacks and head out with your family, your friends, or your significant other. Even if it’s a chilly fall day, you can warm up when you get home with a nice Sunday afternoon happy hour cocktail made with Belle vodka and your favorite mixer.

Watch Movies and Chill

Sometimes, you just need a day to relax and unwind. Oftentimes, we’re really hard on ourselves for taking a day to relax, watch movies, and veg out. Heck, we even feel guilty about it! But the truth is, your body, mind, and soul need a break every once in a while, and what better way to give yourself a break than by whisking yourself away into the fantasy land of Hollywood. Plan a Sunday that is jam-packed with all the movies you love, but haven’t seen in a while. Watching movies you’ve seen a million times is soothing and nostalgic. You can even turn movie-day Sunday into a social event. Invite your friends over, making sure they show up in their pajamas. You can even create a trivia game for each movie you watch. Have some tasty snacks and make a few boozy movie-watching cocktails for added fun.

Add Belle Vodka To Your Funday

These are just some of the ways you can turn a regular old Sunday into Sunday Funday, packed with friends, laughter, good eats, and refreshing adult beverages. Looking for the perfect American vodka to liven up your Sunday Funday? Belle Premium American Vodka is a local favorite craft spirit here in Virginia. Pick up a bottle for your Sunday and please, enjoy responsibly!