The holidays present the perfect opportunity to spend lots of time with friends and family at festive holiday events and gatherings, all while indulging in tasty adult beverages and decadent meals. Here at Belle™ Premium American Vodka, we’re all about having fun and enjoying the spirit of the holiday season to its fullest. We want you to have fun, feel your best, and be safe during the all the super fun drinking, eating, and merrymaking celebrations of the holidays. In an effort to help you stay on top of all your holiday celebration game, we have a few holiday drinking tips for you to consider.

Five Holiday Hints for Fun, Sensible Drinking

Whether you want to be the best holiday party hostess, you want to avoid holiday hangovers, or you want to get through the holidays like the champion you are, we have five holiday drinking tips to share with you.

Add Holiday Flair To Your Vodka Drinks

You can get really creative with the holiday drinks you serve at festive parties. One of our favorites is the Jingle Belle, which features 1.5 ounces of Belle Vodka, equal parts Goldschlager and Apple Pucker. Combine these three ingredients, shake, pour over ice, and garnish with cinnamon shavings for a delightful cold cocktail that will warm you right up.

Additionally, you can transform any vodka drink by serving the cocktail with a holiday-themed DIY garnish. For instance, liven up a vodka soda with sugar-coated cranberries and a mint leaf. Or, create either a candy cane martini or creamy white chocolate peppermint bark martini with a peppermint candy rim.    

Stay Stocked With Electrolytes

Keeping a healthy supply of electrolytes all holiday season can help you fight off the Grinchiest of holiday hangovers. Whether you prefer them in powdered form, or in an ice-cold tetra-pack of coconut water, electrolytes can be one of the best holiday gifts to give yourself. Keep your supply of electrolytes full and remember, stay hydrated to avoid those unfortunate holiday hangovers. Because alcohol is dehydrating, a good rule of the thumb is to down an eight-ounce glass of water with each boozy drink to stay hydrated.   

Choose Mixers Wisely

From cookies and candy at the office to sweetbreads at social events, the holidays are jam-packed with all the sweetest treats as it is. If you’re worried about watching your holiday calories, but still want to indulge in celebratory adult beverages, choose your mixers carefully. The great thing about vodka, is it’s lower in calories than other spirits, with about 64 calories in each fluid ounce. If you stick with sugar-free mixers like club soda, cranberry club soda, diet tonic, and add citrus for flavor, you can enjoy more drinks with fewer calories. If you enjoy spiking eggnog, try using vodka in place of run and get either low-fat nog or almond milk nog to cut the calorie count significantly.

Always Have a Designated Driver

Attending holiday parties, after work happy hours, and the big holiday office party can mean a lot of driving. It’s best to have a plan in place so you can get to and from your social event safely, but so you can still enjoy a drink or a few. Use your best judgment, but always have a designated driver if you plan to have more than one drink. If everyone wants to partake in the festivities and nobody wants to drive home, relying instead on a cab or a ridesharing app like Uber or Lyft is always a safe bet. If it’s not a far jaunt to and from your destination, have a fun wintry adventure by walking home.  

Keep A Bottle of Award-Winning Vodka On-Hand

There is a wide array of American vodka brands to choose from, but when you find an award-winning vodka, it can be a real game-changer. At Belle™ Premium American Vodka, our award-winning vodka is recognized as one of the most popular Virginia vodkas on the local market. As a result, we are gaining a shining reputation in the region, as well as nationally. Belle Vodka offers a delightful flavor and smooth texture that is perfect for combining with your favorite holiday mixers, or for sipping over ice with a citrus twist. What’s more, our American craft vodka offers top-shelf taste, quality, and gorgeous packaging, but without the expensive price tag of other premium vodkas. We recommend keeping a bottle of Belle Vodka handy for all your holiday festivities and merrymaking celebrations. Visit Belle Vodka to learn more about us, and get your own bottle of our premium Virginia vodka in a liquor store nearest you!

From all of us at Belle Vodka, we wish you the happiest of holidays! Please, enjoy your delicious holiday drinks responsibly!